General overview

Welcome to the website of the international Workshop SpinS "Role of magnetism in energy harvesting and conversion by hybrid nanostructures” that will be held in Perpignan. It is organized by the S2N-POEM group with the support of the Université de Perpignan Via Domitia and the  PROMES CNRS laboratory.


This will be the 10th in a series of small format (around 30 participants) workshops devoted to a selected topic in nanomagnetism, started in 2009. The basic idea of such a small-size meeting is to leave enough time for discussing a specific issue as thoroughly as possible.

This year, the workshop is meant to cover contributions to the fundamental investigation of energy channels (absorption/conversion/transfer) provided by the coupling of magnons to electrons, plasmons, phonons, photons, ...
With applications in:

- Magneto-plasmonics and magnetic tuning of optical properties in hybrid nanostructures.
- Magneto-calorics.
- Magnetic hyperthermia (fundamental mechanisms).
- Magneto-mechanical energy conversion (Magnetic Shape Memory, energy harvesters and dampers).
- Magneto-thermoelectric (energy conversion).
- Spin-caloritronics (combined transport of spin and heat).

Previous editions

- Damping in nanomagnetism, Perpignan, 11/2009.
- Spin dynamics in nanomagnets, Duisburg-Essen, 10/2010
- Dynamics of Nanomagnets Assemblies, Perpignan, 11/2011.
- Surface and Interface Effects in Nanomagnets, Porto, 10/2012.
- Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanomagnets”, Paris, 10/2013.
- Excitations in Nanomagnets, Barcelona, 12/2014.
- Controlling magnetic nanostructures, Konstanz, 09/15.
- Nonlinear Nanophotonics meets Nanomagnetism, Le Mans, 09/2016.
- Interactions at the nanoscale, Rome, 10/2017.