Challenges for responsible Research and Innovation in the digital age
LAAS-CNRS, Univ. of Toulouse

Digital technologies are deeply changing fundamental human and social notions such as distances, space, borders, production, communication, knowledge, group identifications, and values. Our social institutions evolve too slowly as compared to the increasing pace of technology. They became simply outdated and no longer adequate for the challenges of our time. The awareness is growing that instituions ranging from laws and political organizations, to labor, economy and educational systems are simply unadapted to the current means of communication, information, interaction and exchange. This awareness takes place concurrently with the recognition of an increasingly acute set of constraints and responsibilities regarding our natural environment, potential resources and long term sustainability.
The actors of research and innovation do not have, obviously, the full steering control of the social versus technical evolution. But neither are they powerless nor irresponsible. They are accountable for and capable of raising the social awareness about the current limitations and risks of their field. Up to some point, they can choose or at least influence their research agenda to address some of the challenges for responsible R&I.
The talk will discuss the above issues and focus on some of the challenges, risks and possible mitigation actions regarding AI as the main technical intermediation of a user to the digital world.