Citizen empowerment throughout the 4 pillars of health

To live longer, healthier and more active, people at any age has to follow simple and clear suggestions that cover all the 4 pillars of health: physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, and sleeping. Unfortunately, due to the intrinsic (e.g., daily-life habits) and extrinsic (e.g., environmental change) factors, people are far to have a healthy life and, thus, there is an increase of chronic diseases, mental disorders, and premature death.
Approaches to increase citizen empowerment vary from self-management programs, to promoting citizen, with particular reference to patients, involvement in treatment shared decision-making, to facilitating also the clinician-patient cooperation, when required. This talk focuses on self-management as a way to engage and empower citizens in order to improve their quality a life and to allow a better follow-up by clinicians in case of patients or elderly people.