List of software linked with my research.

  1. FP-ANR: Library of operators to handle floating-point cancellation at run-time.
  2. ExBLAS: Exact (fast, accurate, and reproducible) BLAS library.
  3. GPUBurn: GPUBurn: Reliable Computation on Unreliable Hardware.
  4. FuzzyGPU: Fuzzy arithmetic library written in CUDA.
  5. IntervalGPU: Interval arithmetic operators for the CUDA SDK.
  6. BARRA: Simulator of CUDA programs at the assembly language level.
  7. GPU4RE: Line-by-line spectroscopic simulations on graphics processing units.
  8. CRLIBM: CR-LIBM, a portable, efficient, correctly rounded mathematical library.
  9. SCSLIB: Software Carry-Save (SCS) Library, a fast and lightweight multiple-precision library.
  10. Verificarlo: A tool for debugging and assessing floating point precision and reproducibility.